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A Slow City
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Over the last few years, there is a basic tendency for people to be abundant and effective. Therefore, the majority of people work hard every da...


Working Mothers

Women have the right to be involved in the work environment just as men are. In the past mothers just stayed at home and taking care of the family, rising their children and they were not allowed to work. We do care and appreciate her efforts to create a family however, being a mother is not mean losing one sense of individuality because all women have the right to represent a different aspect besides being a mother. Work helping mothers to build their identities away from their families and it gives her confidence, stability and a chance to communicate with society.

Nowadays, the percentage of working mothers is increasing very fast which has caused to them some difficulties to balance or manage their time between their career and family responsibilities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor point out that percentage of working mothers in 2012 had increased in Sweden by 76%, in Norway 73%, and in Denmark 74% (Working mother statistics, 2012).

In addition, Wladi(1998) mentioned that in 1940 the percentage of working mothers was 8.

Working mothers benefit their children

In recent years working mothers have a good effects on their children in many ways. Firstly, children of employment mothers are better in their education than children of mothers who’s stay at home. The kids whose mothers worked when they were younger than 3 were later good in school and have a few problems with depression however, the working mothers with full- time job their child between 1 or 2 years old will have an academic score problem than kids whose their mothers part time (Luscombe, 2010). Working mothers who in part time employee reflect a positive effects on children’s academic performance because they have more experience and resources to spend on their children’s education. In addition, there are beneficial effects on children. When the working mothers has five years’ experience in work, teenagers who get higher grades with working mothers will improve the mental well-being among the mothers who work (Children of working mums do better at school, 2013). Working mothers who work in part time have more space in a day to spend with children and focus on their education which led to good score in school.

Also working in part time job helps mothers to get some rest and not feel stress. According to Meikle, (2011) there are a lot of positive sides for young children if their mothers work especially girls. Daughters of working mothers are more independent than others. They represent an important example and role model for their daughters’ success, which build their confidence and that will help them in their future career and lifestyle. Meikle said there is no damaging effects on children social and emotional feelings if their mothers work during their early years. On the other hand, boys whose mother was responsible for the household had more difficulties at the age of five than those living with two working parents (Meikle, 2011). However, young children will exhibit more bad behavior if someone else taking care of them instead of their parents likes baby sitter or nanny. Working mothers benefit themselves

In addition, working mothers benefit themselves. According to Bindley, (2011) working moms are happier than home moms because working mothers are healthier and less prone to depression. In other words Larowe, (n.d.) point out that working benefit moms, and mentioned seven reasons that make mothers stop feeling guilty and hang on their career. The first one of the most two important reasons is, the job grants mothers the chance to live out their ambition because if their purpose of motherhood is unfulfilled, mothers may feel unsatisfied and even resentful. Secondly, through work mothers can have financial control which make them feel confident and gives her the right to make financial choices for her family. In addition, the job helps her to create a good social connection and less feeling lonely. Labor force mothers are more independent and confident, happier, healthier, aware and have more chance to communicate with society.

On the other hand, Ruth,(1988) also showed statistics about rapid growth in number of young working mothers, in 1950 only 12 percent of married woman with their baby under the age of six were worked outside the home and by 1987 this percentage growth to more than 50 percent. In addition, by 1976, 31 percent of mothers returns to their job and their child did not complete a year after birth and in 1985 this figure increased to 48 percent. He point out that needing self-esteem, higher living costs and lower wages and provide the education for children are the cause of this huge increase. Larowe, (n.d.) says that employed mothers are less sad and have more strength at the age of 40 than mothers who stayed at home. Staying at home for mothers led then to have more stress, pressure, unhappiness and anger. By being employee they became away from daily rotten that is because they meet different people every day and go to different places and that is helping them to change their mood. Working mothers benefits the relationship with family

Working for mothers tend to create a good relationships with family members and husband. Fathers should spend more time with their children because they spend most of time in work. For this reason, working mothers who has the same salary as their husband can share the work time with them to allow their husbands to have more time with children (Gentleman, 2009). Working mothers help to reduce the financial pressure on husbands. On the other, hand husbands can help their wives, such as taking care of the children when they are in work. This connection helps to lower burden on both because it creating cooperation which lead to solving problems and raising their children more effectively. When both of them work, it helps them to share responsibilities and understand each other.

It is often people thought that working mothers have a negative impact on their children, children who have a workers mothers are badly educated when their mothers are absent (Doughty, 2013). Children will be less successful at their school because they will have intellectual problems. These may impact on the child education and in mothers in the future (Doughty, 2013). This view seems convincing at first but, new studies have shown the opposite. Workers mothers have more knowledge and experience to help their children reach a higher level in their education. There is a survey that showed how the period of working mothers being in work can affect the academic performance of their children and the results showed that most children whose mothers worked for long periods gets better grades in schools (Children of working mums, 2013). Many people believe that mothers who work have much stress that lead to divorce, because they will face pressure to find the right balance between their family responsibilities and work requirements, which might create disputed with their husbands and that might lead to problems for the whole family.

This argument looks true. However governments should supporting working mothers to decrease their pressure by creating nursery in their work place to reduce their worry about the children. In addition, companies may reduce the hours of work for mothers which allows mothers time to get some rest at home and to care of the children. It would be easy argue that some families do not want or need the financial aid from mothers. They think that being mothers at home is more worthy than money. Also, the salary of working mothers are less than their husbands so it will not affect the family income. This argument fails to consider that life is becoming a laborious and prices of everything have increased; also the outlay of the family has increased so one income is often not. Furthermore, it does not matter if the working mothers’ salary is lower, it will assist in covering the needs of the family. In conclusion, the time has changed from past to now and the mothers position has changed. Nowadays mothers work to be part of society and to be part of developing the country economically, and most mothers choose to work to build their identity and confidence and additionally to help their family.

Governments should support working mothers to encourage them to work and join the workforce and give them a chance to achieve their individual goals. Working mothers should be supported by their families and governments for several reasons, working mothers have more knowledge and experience than mothers at home which impacts positively on their children future and their education. Aside of the benefits to children, working mothers otherwise benefit themselves because work give them more ability to have financial choice and achieve self-esteem. Governments contribute by encouraging working mothers and supporting them. They must provide organizations to prepare mothers who stay at home for job environments. This institutes it may help mothers to be influential in the community and be a part to increase the production and economy of the country. Education and work in the origins not added for damages or corruption, but for building the society and to righteousness people. Workers mothers better in the education than ignorant mothers and the reality confirms this.

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Date: Oct 11,2021