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A Slow City
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Over the last few years, there is a basic tendency for people to be abundant and effective. Therefore, the majority of people work hard every da...


Automation of Enrolment by System


Enrolment is an exciting day for every single student in primary, high school, or colleges. It is the most anticipated activity after summer season vacation. However contrary to the expectations of the enrollees, enrolment has actually positioned problems and inconveniences since it has ended up being tedious and taxing. Often the trainees leave it to their moms and dads and other members of the family to register them. The unsystematic procedure of school during enrolment is now feared by them.

Instead student enrollees have to stand and wait on it to finish in an hour or more, often trainees are made to come back the next day or even after a week approximately that they can be officially registered. All these have actually presented an issue which alarmed the scientist and decided to pursue in fixing the enrolment issue by creating and implementing a system of enrolment which is digital for smooth and less troublesome circulation of enrolment in the Madana Mohana Academy.

As a student, the researcher chose to establish a well set system that will construct up the enrolment system of Madana Mohana Academy. The Automated Enrollment System was developed to provide effective and accurate recording of deals. The system was built with making use of Visual studio 2013 and for its database MySQL workbench 6.1.

Background of Study

An automated system is a system in which the computer plays a major role and this kind of system is needed by every companies and institutions nowadays. Computer based system is the best way of storing and retrieving data on the database, rather than using papers and file cabinets. This will help the registrar of Madana Mohana Academy generate a quick and efficient data they need. The Madana Mohana Academy uses a manual method in their enrollment system. As a result, they encountered unexpected problems like loss of information and slow transaction and having difficulties on transactions which consumes a lot of time. As the researcher conducted research and analyze the existing system, he decided to recommend a computer based enrollment system that enables the faculty and administration of the school to gain good services for every students and to address the problems that occur because of their manual enrollment.

Statement of the Problem

With the increasing numbers of enrollee each year, enrolment has become a burden for the students and the faculty, it will take so much time just to enroll a student by doing it manually. Not only that, recording data in a paper isn’t that secure, since data is stored in filing cabinets it is freely available to anyone. By manually recording data it can’t be avoid to commit common errors. Since everything and every detail is written down manually in paper there will be too much paper work! And by using paper stored in filing cabinets, it consumes too much space. Using manual system consumes more time and effort that’s why employees can’t maximize their work as a result it costs more expense to the institution.

As for report generation, using manual system takes forever and is susceptible to mistakes because the employee will scan all the enrolled students documents sort them by category and tally the list one by one in a report form. However, in an automated system, the user can generate reports with only a click of a button. A part of the enrolment process of the academy is the financial obligation of every student. The accounts of students are interrelated with its personal information. With a manual system, the risk of committing mistakes has a high possibility. Errors appear in the computation of each students’ accounts and in the generation of payables. The automated system eliminates such errors saving time and hassle both to students and employees alike.

Statement of Objective

General Objective

The General Objective of this study is to design and develop an Automated Enrolment and Cashiering system of Madana Mohana that will address the
school’s file-handling, generation of forms and other documents.

Specific Objective

  • Develop a system with a friendly user interface.
  • Develop a secure system with the use of user account with password.
  • Develop a system that automatically generate the students’ ID of new enrolled student.
  • Develop a system that accepts students’ registration.
  • Develop a system that automatically generates statement of account after a successful registration of student.
  • Develop a system that can print the list of the students enrolled.
  • Develop a system that will show all the enrolled students.
  • Develop a system that accepts payments and print receipts.
  • Develop a system that records daily transaction.
  • Develop a system that can store, update, and delete data in the database.

Significance of the Study

A system that accelerates transaction and automate the enrollment process will benefit to the following:

  1. The School (Madana Mohana Academy) – This study will provide easy and fast approach in registration and enrollment.
  2. The Registrar – This study will help them keep and handle essential information for the convenience of the students and the personnel assign to enrollment in this education institution.
  3. The Students – The students can save time in enrolling to the institution. Each student accounts and information are kept safe in the database that can be easily accessed when needed.
  4. The Researcher – This study will help the proponents gain more knowledge and a great experience in this kind of field. It is also the way that the proponents can share the knowledge on how to build this kind of system.

Scope and Limitations


  • The system focused in getting relevant data including data of the students and computation of necessary fees.
  • The system is capable of printing the assessment and registration of the student.
  • The system is capable recording all the received payments.
  • The system is capable of printing receipt and class list.
  • The system has the ability to save record and edit those data and important information about the students.
  • The system also includes the user log-in.
  • The system is capable of changing the particular fees and then update.
  • The system only allows admin to access some functionality.


  • The system is not online
  • The system cannot accept transactions with credit cards/checks and other mode of payment rather than cash basis.
  • The system can’t view students’ grades.
  • The system does not generate bills.
  • Only authorized person are allowed to use the system.

Date: Oct 11,2021